Prayer for our peace

May the TRUTH flourish and free us from our hates and prejudices…

may our ears and hearts be open to the truth of the victims

and may that truth resound in the depth of our feelings

and we dare to see their faces with compassionate and caring eyes.


May JUSTICE be a reality built step-by-step,

Like a new path that liberate us from impunity and impotence

harboring our hearts of new dawns

and encouraging our struggles for the plenitude of our rights.


May REPARATION restore our bodies broken in losses and pains,

heal our memories burdened with guilt, traumas, anguishes and fears,

liberate our territories from armed groups, illicit crops, and mega-mining projects,

reunite our families and neighbors torn apart by massacres and displacing.


May FORGIVENESS rise like a living spring to extinguish all thirst for revenge,

enlighten like a healing light that dissipates the darkness of resentment and wrath,

cure, like balsam, the wounds of the souls numb with opprobrium and humiliation,

and let loose our tongues, embraces and hearts towards a future of redeeming bond.


May RECONCILIATION be born from the depths of our bowels

and put us before the destruction of the earth, of the bodies and of the towns,

and picking up the scraps of love we still care for,

may we tell other stories to train us in humanity.

Fernando Torres Millán